Autumn-Winter Squash Cultivation Points
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A Choose Good Varieties

First of all, select a hybrid varieties that is early mature, high yield, vigorous and also with dragging characteristics.


B  Cultivate a Strong Grafting Seedlings


Sowing time  Greenhouse autumn-winter varieties were sowed in early or middle September.  Sow 500g squash seeds/mu. Sow 800-1000g black pumpkin seeds as rootstock.  


Grafting Method:  Inlaying Method and Inarching Method.  


Inlaying Method: Take out two seedlings, remove the true leaves of pumpkin and make a jack between two cotyledons with bamboo sticks. And then remove the root of the squash seedlings.


Grafting Time  Nursery with sand bed. Begin to graft when seedlings expose true leaves. It takes about 5 days from sowing to grafting.


Seedling Management  It should be shed timely after grafted seedlings are planted in the nutrition bowl to keep the temperature at 20-25 ℃. Shade the strong light at afternoon after grafting 2-4 days. After grafting 5 days, wind blowing to exercise seedlings. The humidity of the greenhouse must be kept on 75% or more than 75%. Remove the pumpkin regeneration leaves at the same time.


C Colonization


Soil Preparation and Base Fertilizer.  Give enough base fertilizer before transplanting to greenhouse.   Give 1500-2000 kg farmland fertilizer, 100-150kg fermented rapeseed cake, 50kg ternary compound fertilizer, 10 kg urea per mu. After that turn soil and furrow. Width of furrow is 0.8 meters, height is 0.1 meters and width of ditch is 0.5 meters. And then cover the film to plant.


Perforation Colonization  Space inn the row is about 0.45m. Plant 2 rows in one ridge and irritate enough water. Transplanting until the water immersion. Time of Transplanting is in early or middle October.  Planting about 2500 trees per mu.


D Greenhouse Growth Management


Temperature Management  After colonization, squash grow vigorously. When enter into November, irrigate little water then shed greenhouse and weed timely. Remove the pumpkin regeneration leaves. When enter into winter, ensure the normal growth of squash.

Management of Fertilizer and Water  Squash should be watered as less as possible before melon setting. After melon setting, give a little water. After entering winter, basically there is no need to water and only need to use medicine and topdressing on leaves.


Hanging Tendril and Tidying Vines  The early generation of squash is characteristics of dragging. Cultivation of hanging vines can increase the planting density, prolong the growth period, set melon early, and increase the yield. It is an important measure for squash of high efficiency and high yield. In early November, hang vines timely and remove excess collateral to reduce nutrient consumption.


Improve the Fruit Setting  In order to improve the fruit setting, it is better to have artificial pollination promptly. Smear 10-15 mg / 2,4-D solution on the melon handle to prevent falling fruit and promote fruit to grow.


Pest Control  Squash pests are mainly aphids. Use 40% omethoate to control. Disease is mainly powdery mildew, gray mold, and etc. Use 700 times 70% chlorothalonil liquid to control.


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