Our company was named "Hebei agricultural science and technology small giant enterprise"
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Summary:"Hebei agricultural science and technology small giant enterprise

On 28th,August, 2018, The nameplate "Hebei Province Agricultural Science and Technology Little Giant" issued by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province was officially delivered to our company. 

What kind of enterprise can be rated as "little giant of science and technology"? The "small giant" refers to the scientific and technological enterprises engaged in high-tech development, production, operation and Technology (Engineering) services which are in line with the development of the industry of the city and the state . The enterprise should have its own innovation system, perfect innovation mechanism and the corresponding research investment, independent intellectual property brand products, a certain economic scale and good growth, and good credit and strong financing ability. It is characterized by innovation, scale and demonstration. (from the Internet)


The provincial science and technology department will continue to increase cultivation and support for the agricultural science and technology small giant enterprises that have been filed, and the enterprise will enjoy preferential policies for small and medium-sized technology giants and small and medium-sized enterprises in science and small-scale enterprises of agricultural science and technology. They will also coordinate all kinds of scientific and technological resources to give priority to supporting its technological innovation activities, and guide financial institutions, venture capital institutions and other institutions to increase financial support, and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of agricultural science and technology small giant enterprises.


One seed changes the world,one belief creats brilliance!We believe that with the support of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, our company will cultivate better varieties for the farmers!

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