With the aim of relying on scientific and technological progress, developing high-efficiency agriculture and exploring new ways of becoming rich in agriculture and animal husbandry, the company has undertaken many scientific research projects issued by provincial and municipal science and technology commission. The company has always been adhering to the scientific research oriented market development, innovation and speed as the premise, cultivate leading products for the market direction of this idea, in watermelon, muskmelon and sunflower breeding has made a series of great popularization and application value in scientific research, especially our watermelon and Muskmelon Varieties, in the course of development thirty in the years has cultivated a new watermelon cultivar more than 120, more than 20 new varieties of Muskmelon Varieties, some of them won the Hebei provincial science and technology achievement certificate and the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award; in hybrid sunflower breeding, the company has increased research funding, successfully overcome a series of technical problems in scientific research, has made remarkable achievements. Breed three line hybrid sunflower varieties with independent intellectual property rights, through the validation of 3 varieties, and achieved high recognition in the domestic sunflower producing areas Especially in recent years, the company launched a series of new sunflower varieties outstanding performance, by the vast number of farmers trust and love. The company aims to push Chinese brands of hybrid sunflower varieties into the international market in the near future.

       Companies attach importance to quality management, in 2013 introduced ISO9001 quality management system, from research and development to production to sales of all aspects of regulating our behavior, improve product quality. And in the past two years, the company cited gene testing, purity and other high-tech means to ensure the safety of each seed market, and lay the foundation for the harvest of farmers. I believe that in the near future, Hebei double star seed industry, Limited by Share Ltd will develop better and better, for China's seed industry to make greater contributions.

       The company in line with the credibility of the first, pioneering and innovative, prudent operation,strict management of the principle, will be fine varieties, quality services, preferential prices, return the support and trust of the broad masses of farmers.

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