Sweet Girl 25
parameters1:Germination: 90%
parameters2:Purity: 95%
parameters3:Neatness: 98%
A variety of early-maturing black-flowered melon varieties that have been cultivated by our company after many years of cultivation.

Under suitable conditions, the average maturity time is 28 days from fruit set to maturity.

Medium growth, strong disease resistance, good resistance to stress, low temperature and low light, eay to set fruit.

The fruit has a high pear shape and a beautiful appearance. The peel is light green with a dark green pattern. The late peel is dark green, the skin is smooth, and the flesh is crispy and sweet. Brix over 17%. Fine taste, distinctive flavor, good quality. The average fruit weight is 500-600g. Yield about 5000kg/mu. High yield.

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